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Why Headless WordPress is the Future of Digital Experiences

Like never before, the world demands lightning-fast content that reaches consumers where they are. Decoupled architecture lets you select the best tools to meet omni-channel challenges head-on, but that means a lot of choices: Rendering pages statically or dynamically, choosing front-end frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue, and then choosing frameworks on top of those frameworks like Next.js or Frontity. Join WP Engine Founder and CTO, Jason Cohen, as he explores the options and trade-offs of these decisions, and how they’ll impact the sites you build.

Jason Cohen, CTO & Founder, WP Engine

Declutter Your Site Structure

Does your site speak Google's "language?" Listen in as Marieke van de Rakt, CEO of Yoast, breaks down the site structure optimizations that will ensure search engines understand and surface your site to as many visitors as possible in 2021. Marieke will also explain how improving your internal linking will help you outrank your competition. As the #1 WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast has helped millions of websites rank higher in search.

Marieke van de Rakt, CEO, Yoast

Five Things That Have Made Me a Better (WordPress) Developer

At 39.8% of the internet, WordPress has officially overtaken hand-coded sites as the most common type of website on the internet. As an open source platform, it isn’t about the amount one person contributes, but the amalgamation of all the small contributions of many along the way. In this session, Co-Founder of WordPress, Mike Little, will share five things that have made him a better developer and how we can all work to grow the WordPress community.

Mike Little, Co-creator of WordPress and Community Engineer at Human Made

Breakout sessions.

We have 4 informational tracks for you to view. All recorded sessions are available on demand. 


Set Up

For those wanting to learn more about Local, Headless, and analytics configuration strategies.




For those interested in live coding demos using custom blocks, node.js, and javascript as it relates to headless.




For those wanting to know more about launching the most secure website, leveraging CI/CD for your team, and exciting plans around Amazon Personalize.




For those wanting to hear about Growth Suite, optimizing eCommerce and focus on growing and optimizing their sites for SEO and beyond.


Set Up Track.

For those wanting to learn more about Local, Headless, and analytics configuration strategies.

Building Faster Locally with Local

Local is built for speed and simplicity, and we've spent years designing it to make building, testing, and deploying WordPress sites a breeze. In this session, Ben Turner, Local Community Manager, will showcase existing add-ons that improve your development workflow as well as take a deep dive into extending Local by creating your own Add-on! See why 300,000 developers use Local to develop WordPress locally.

Ben Turner, Local Community Manager, WP Engine

Navigating The Risks to Reap The Rewards of Headless WordPress

Join moderator Annan Patel, Senior Manager, Product Management at WP Engine, Matt Landers, Head of Developer Relations at WP Engine, Jason Bahl, Creator and Maintainer of WPGraphQL and Phil Crumm, VP of Client Strategy to discuss how early adopters of Headless WordPress are taking smart risks to reap big rewards and pull ahead of the competition.

Annan Patel, Product Management Senior Manager, WP Engine

Jason Bahl, Creator of WPGraphQL and Principal Software Engineer, WP Engine

Phil Crumm, Vice President, New Client Strategy, 10UP

Matt Landers, Developer Relations Manager, WP Engine


Analytics Configuration Strategies that Add Value for Your Clients

Go beyond the basics of analytics and add more value to your clients. In this session, you’ll get tips from Syed Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner, and Anita Carter from The Creative Diva, on how to configure and launch successful Google Analytics strategies. Anita will walk through basic setup for Google Analytics in WordPress, as well as how to configure eCommerce and form tracking. Syed will then share practical tips for thinking through conversion tracking, so you can offer your clients a well-rounded analytics solution.

David Vogelpohl, VP, Growth, WP Engine

Anita Carter WordPress Developer, Cre8tive Diva

Syed Balkhi, Founder and CEO, Awesome Motive

Build Track.

For those interested in live coding demos using custom blocks, node.js, and javascript as it relates to headless.

The Fast Track to Mastering Modern WordPress

Blocks + Full Site Editing are the absolute core of the future of modern WordPress. In this split session, Rob Stinson and Carrie Dils will start by explaining what Full Site Editing is and how you can leverage its potential. Then they'll live-code their way through building a custom block or two, showing you how easy it is to use and how dynamic it makes the block editor.

Rob Stinson, Product Marketing Manager, WP Engine

Carrie Dils, Freelance Coach and Web Developer & WordPress Coach, Carriedils.com

Usability Testing for Developers

Should developers do user research? Not if it distracts them from what they need to focus on. But what if user testing was easy and eye opening?

Usability testing has never been easier. Understand the dos and don’ts of a usability test that you can try yourself. Even if this does not become a regular practice, we encourage all our developers to participate in user interviews. Why? Because as a developer you know things that your users don’t. You’ll never be able to un-know them, but you can build empathy with those who don’t.

Ainatte Inbal, Director of UX, Elementor

Getting Started with Headless (Without Losing Your Mind)

Headless WordPress will fundamentally change the way we build digital experiences in the future. By using Node.js and JavaScript on the frontend, headless sites are scalable, secure, and dynamic while still taking advantage of WordPress' CMS. Decoupling the frontend from the backend does come with its own set of challenges. In this session, hear from Matt Landers, head of Developer Relations at WP Engine, as he builds a headless website that supports post previews by using our new Open Source framework for headless.

Matt Landers, Developer Relations Manager, WP Engine

Launch Track.

For those wanting to know more about launching the most secure website, leveraging CI/CD for your team, and exciting plans around Amazon Personalize.

How to Best Leverage CI/CD for Your Team

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) allows you to write and deploy code more quickly and safely. As with many things in WordPress, there are a ton of tools and options when selecting which CI/CD will be best for your organization. In this panel, Edmund Turbin and Peter Suhm will discuss what options are available, the benefits and use-cases best suited for specific tools, and why there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to CI/CD.

Edmund Turbin, Sales Engineer, WP Engine

Peter Suhm, Founder, Branch CI

Carl Alexander, Founder, YMIR

Sarah Ricker, Software Engineer, WP Engine

How to Ensure You're Launching the Most Secure Website

Security is complex and ever-evolving, and there are many tools and best practices available to improve it. Come hear top tips from Michael Tremante, a Cloudflare security and WAF expert, on ways to ensure you're launching the most secure site while maintaining the performance standards expected by your customers.

Michael Tremante, Product Manager - Web Application Firewall, Cloudflare

How to Use Amazon Personalize with Your WooCommerce Site in Just a Few Clicks

“Alexa, recommend a session for me.”
“Ok, did you know excellent product recommendations are a key way to drive additional personalized experiences to any site? Come get a walkthrough of the new plugin co-developed by WP Engine & Amazon that leverages machine learning to deliver more personalized experiences to your sites, and then learn how to train and test your recommendations safely in a local development environment.”

Anthony Burcehll, WordPress Developer, WP Engine

James Jory, Solutions Architect - Applied AI, AWS

Optimize Track.

For those wanting to hear about Growth Suite, optimizing eCommerce and focus on growing and optimizing their sites for SEO and beyond.

Growing Your Business Quickly and Predictably with Growth Suite

Whether you’re a freelance developer or member of a growing agency, keeping track of the admin work of your business can be all consuming. Unorganized spreadsheets, unpaid invoices, and extra costs shouldn’t keep you from creating great work. Join Erin Olson, Growth Suite Product Manager, as she explains how to remove the busy work with Growth Suite and focus on the work you want to be doing.

Erin Olson, Product Manager, WP Engine

Optimizing WordPress eCommerce for Performance & Growth

It's easy to make an eCommerce store, but creating one that runs well and grows your business can feel like a slog. Learn common WooCommerce mistakes to avoid from Sarah Rennick at Automattic, lessons from making eCommerce performance optimizations from Patrick Garman at Mindsize and how to deliver better search outcomes from Felipe Elia at ElasticPress, 10up.

Chris Wiegman, Senior Software Engineer, WP Engine

Sarah Rennick, Happiness Engineer, WooCommerce-Automattic

Patrick Garman, CEO, Mindsize

Felipe Elia, Web Engineer, ElasticPress - 10UP

Technical SEO for Developers

How to win search and influence clicks; these are the SEO optimizations that push your site to the top. In this panel, we'll discuss technical SEO for WordPress developers, including what is essential and what is to be gained from fully optimizing your site in 2021.

Rick Ramos, Technical SEO Manager, Seer

Shelly Fagin, Founder & Director of SEO, Highly Searched

Erin Myers, Content Strategy & SEO Manager, WP Engine

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