DE{CODE} 2020: The virtual developer conference.


Robert is the co-founder and CIO of the WordPress enterprise agency Inpsyde. He is also part of the WordPress Community since 2005 and active in several teams in the project.

Robert is known in the WordPress community by wearing his straw hat and being passionate about community and multilingual topics. His agency helps big brands like PayPal ... to use WordPress for their
websites or by creating plugins for the WordPress market.


10:30 AM - 11:25 AM CST

Carl Alexander

Advanced Plugin Development

With the right plugin, you can implement almost any functionality you want on your website. But sometimes you’ll run into situations where there are no plugins that do exactly what you need, which means it’s up to you to develop one. Join these experts as they unpack their tips on developing the most advanced plugins for WordPress.

Advanced WordPress Developer

Naomi C. Bush

Lead Developer at Gravity Plus

Robert Windisch

CIO at Inpsyde

Attend DE{CODE} 2020

DE{CODE} is a developer-focused event that will take place virtually, and is dedicated to help you advance your WordPress expertise, so you can create better performing websites. A live-streamed event, DE{CODE} will feature 12 expert-led sessions on how to leverage WordPress for easy setups, fast builds, smooth launches, and effortless maintenance.