DE{CODE} 2020: The virtual developer conference.

Rick Knudtson



Rick Knudtson is the co-founder and CPO of Flywheel, a delightful WordPress hosting and development platform built for freelancers and agencies. Rick spends his days building the best product team in the midwest, scaling innovation, and enjoying the ride as Flywheel rapidly grows. He’s passionate about all aspects of web development and making an impact on the local entrepreneurial community. Rick’s also into fitness (like chasing around his daughter), trying new beer, and wondering if aliens really are out there.


8:50 AM - 9:45 AM CST

Rick Knudtson

Finding Your Perfect Development Workflow

From simple updates to complex deployment pipelines everyone needs a workflow that meets their needs. We’ll take a look at a few key approaches to WordPress development workflows so you can find the tools and processes that work best for you.

Co-Founder & CPO at Flywheel

Aurooba Ahmed

Front-end web developer

Alain Schlesser

Maintainer of WP-CLI & Freelance Software Engineer

Attend DE{CODE} 2020

DE{CODE} is a developer-focused event that will take place virtually, and is dedicated to help you advance your WordPress expertise, so you can create better performing websites. A live-streamed event, DE{CODE} will feature 12 expert-led sessions on how to leverage WordPress for easy setups, fast builds, smooth launches, and effortless maintenance.