DE{CODE} 2020: The virtual developer conference.

Matt Landers



At age 19, Matt was hired by Microsoft where he spent 10 years as a Software Architect. With his expertise in mobile development, Matt left Microsoft and co-founded a company with 2 of his Microsoft colleagues where they developed a single page application framework for web and mobile applications. Now, Matt is using his expertise in front-end JavaScript technologies as a Technical Architect at WP Engine focused on headless WordPress.


12:30 PM - 1:10 PM CST

Jason Cohen

Headless WordPress in Action

Thanks to an innovative and fiercely open community, WordPress users are constantly finding new ways to build breakthrough digital experiences. A growing technology is in “Headless WordPress,” which uses modern development frameworks to create experiences that push the envelope of what’s possible with WordPress. In this session, hear from WP Engine CTO, Jason Cohen, about why WordPress is a great choice for a headless CMS, and then watch Matt Landers, Technical Architect at WP Engine, build a quick headless website using technology from WP Engine and Google Cloud Platform.

Founder & CTO
at WP Engine

Matt Landers

Technical Architect
at WP Engine

Attend DE{CODE} 2020

DE{CODE} is a developer-focused event that will take place virtually, and is dedicated to help you advance your WordPress expertise, so you can create better performing websites. A live-streamed event, DE{CODE} will feature 12 expert-led sessions on how to leverage WordPress for easy setups, fast builds, smooth launches, and effortless maintenance.